Features of DUAL HANKO

Let us tell you something about Hanko

Hanko is a seal made from boxwood or other material with your name engraved in it.
In Japan, Hanko is stamped in place of a signature.
On occasions such as opening a bank account or getting married, Hanko stamp is required to confirm a person's identity.

Japanese people also use Hankos as a hobby or for fun.
Artists stamp a corner of their work such as pictures or calligraphy with their Hanko in place of a signature, and sometimes ordinary people also stamp the end of letters and books that they own with their Hanko as well.
Japanese adults all have their own Hanko.

Therefore, we could say that Hanko is the one of items that symbolize Japanese culture.
Actually, Hanko is one of the popular souvenirs among foreign tourists.

Anyone could easily find that it's your Hanko

However, a Hanko is generally engraved with Japanese Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana.
So most foreigners can't find whose Hanko it is when they look at the imprint.
Also, it might be hard to take in traditional Japanese flavor from a Hanko which is enraved with only Engrish alphabet.

A big defference between typical Hankos DUAL HANKO

DUAL HANKO is engraved with both Japanese kanji and English alphabet, so that it could be easily found whose Hanko it is.

How to Choose Kanji for your DUAL HANKO

Japanese Kanji have both sounds and meaning.
First of all, we'd pick up some Kanji which sound similar to the ponunciation of the name to be engraved.
Then we'd choose perfect combination of the Kanji with good meanings.
You can take a look at the samples below.

How to choose Kanji for DUAL HANKO.

In Japan, it is widely said that your Hanko is a kind of your child, and also believed that a good Hanko brings good fortune to its owner.
We recommend DUAL HANKO as a memento of your vacation in Japan or a souvenir for close family members and friends.

DUAL HANKO has been reported in SANKEI Shimbun, one of the major newspapers in Japan.

Also DUAL HANKO was featured on the TBS radio program "Morimoto Takero Stand-by".

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