How to choose size and shape ?

There are usually no problems if you choose the【Standard】version.
We recommend the【Large】version if the name to be engraved has more than 5 Kanji letters, or more than 7 alphabet letters.
Also, the【Large】version may be easier to hold and stamp for people with big hands.
We could put all characters just inside the flame of the【Square】version with no lack.

How do you select Kanji ?

The pronunciation of words in foreign languages and Japanese is very different.
So in order to change a foreign language name into Japanese kanji, we first convert the foreign language pronunciation into Japanese pronunciation, and then select and use Japanese kanji which have that pronunciation.
For example, JEFFERY pronounced in Japanese would become JIEFURI. So we choose and combine Japanese kanji with good meanings from among those that are pronounced [JI], [E], [FU] and [RI].

Is the ink pad sold separately ?

Yes, the ink pad is sold separately.
But customers who order a DUAL HANKO and allow us to post their photo on our Twitter and Facebook accounts will receive a free ink pad as our token of our gratitude.
See those who allowed to post their photos and got some ink pads below.

Smile with DUAL HANKO!

How to stamp in correct way ?

1, The raised dot indicates the side that should face up, so place your index finger on top of it.
2, Next, apply some ink by lightly tapping on the surface of the ink pad.
3, Then, take a look to check that ink has been applied evenly all around the surface of the Hanko before stamping your DUAL HANKO.
4, It may also be good to lay a magazine or notepad, which will act as a cushion, underneath the paper you will stamp your seal on.
5, When stamping your DUAL HANKO on paper, be mindful to apply pressure equally to the entire surface of the seal.

An important note about DUAL HANKO

When you have finished stamping your seal, wipe off any ink remaining on the surface of your DUAL HANKO with a soft cloth or similar material before replacing the cap.
But never wash your DUAL HANKO in water.
Because the DUAL HANKO is made of wood, washing it in water may cause it to absorb moisture and expand, making it impossible to replace the cap, or conversely, not being able to remove the cap.

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